There Was Death

by My Silent Wake

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Mike Liassides
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Mike Liassides My Silent Wake show exactly why they remain one of the most consistently creative and relevant of the UK's extreme doom acts with this latest full-length.
Full review: Favorite track: An End to Suffering.
Jason Sullivan
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Jason Sullivan I cant explain it, but when I haven't listened to MSW in a while, I find myself wondering why I liked them.....then I play an album.....OH YEAH, that's why! Ian Arkley and company may have outdone themselves here. Favorite track: A Dying Man's Wish.
Coleman Lacy
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Coleman Lacy Such great atmosphere and deep lyrics. A little darker this time but I still see the search for hope. MSW never disappoints! Favorite track: An End to Suffering.
Metal Meltdown
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Metal Meltdown excellent album .MSW always jams .the keyboards give that doom atmosphere. the acoustic sounds amazing .and the heavy crunch of guitars fit well.production excellent. over the top .and a positive word.wheres the tshirts?.we welcome you to the U S. Metal onn!
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As he lay on the verge of death The house soaking in grief A last request while blood flows in his veins A valediction Time enough before the beckoning grave Who would deny a dying man's wish? Too late to wake up to the fullness of this cruelty Feel his desolation curse this callous fucking vanity I see no way back, a closing door, so plead no more And as he slips away, severed cords fall. Who would deny a dying man's wish? Who would decline this final wish? Too late now this loss is eternal No healing this agony ingrained. Sorrow seeps, Freezing cold beneath my skin. Hope lies broken Dead within Your choice No I won't be here Wretched and scared Your choice No I won't be here Broken frail Your choice No I won't be here Denied, forsaken, rejected, blamed Your choice No I won't be here Dead and gone I am ashes I am ashes I am ashes I cannot reach you. Who would deny a dying man's wish? An angel to all, innocent soul
Cast out Exiled Burn each memory All defiled Erased us from time A living death now asigned Damnatio memoriae Broken Confined Scared and paralysed So reviled Erased us from time A living death now asigned Damnatio memoriae Living through death - everything melting away Crying out crying out - everything falls away Facing separation eternal From days of suffering darkness Nothing left but the end of life Nothing left but the silence I see no remorse Erased from time No sorrow, no shame Curse us in our pain. Reject Decline Forget the years Hateful lines Erased us from time A living death now asigned Damnatio memoriae Living through death - everything melting away Crying out crying out - everything falls away But something has warped inside A world of selfish excuses And now compassion has bled and died So goodbye so goodbye so goodbye. Damnatio Memoriae
With sorrow you row to a land sick with rot That which has passed may not be undone Yet guilt wars with love and coldly compels To seek salvation through suffering Your trials, your flaws Made for you a shroud You turn from the darkness But running, it grows Truth is a sword To plunge in your heart Or make battle with gods Who won't hear your prayers The hardest battle, fought in your mind It's not your own end that you fear The corpse-fog swells, within hides death Even obscured you still know the path Darkness speaks and you listen, why? A voice screams "Turn back!", another cries "On!" Your own mouth is silent Save for wails and screams Through fear you persist Your blade, your redemption Your shame, your armour Your bleak killing flaw Those gods lie defeated Blood flows 'cross your skin It nurtures the earth Brings flowers of light This land you now claim Raw and absolved In hell how you've suffered You've strived and you've won Yet still the weeds grow in Your garden of remorse Your pain was for nothing Your bleak killing flaw
Ghosts of vanquished lives Haunt your oppressers You were spared nothing To supply their greed Ghosts of enslaved lives They had their heaven You who had nothing Show them suffering Helpless, you watched your children die One by one Each one damned from birth You loved them all, your pride, your joy No one knew their worth Their children thrive and revel in riches Gods who watched you fall They have more than they will ever need They will ask for more Ghosts of parlous lives Paupers and pilgrims Broken and blinded You have lost your way Ghosts of erased lives You have no headstone To mark your passing From a cursed life Imprisoned for trying to survive Taking enough to stay alive From their stores of plenty Caught in your misdeeds Paid in blood for your crimes Broken down before your time Nothing of you remains behind. You who worked so hard for pittance You who had nothing to call your own Helpless you watched your beloved suffer You who begged before their thrones Haunt them all in their filthy splendour And bring them broken to their knees Haunt them all in their filthy splendour And bring them broken to their knees Haunt them all in their filthy splendour Observe them crawling at your feet.
Consistently drip-fed insidious malice What is a child to believe? They are the victims too I mourn the dead and I grieve for them Sorrow returns again and again. Grief for the dead and the living who Hate as these victims do.
In my death All will die We will be Freed from time Fraying ends Of our lives Fly as one All in line In an instant Everything melts away Universal and swift our decline Ending all time There was death There was grief Were you here Did I leave? Voices spoke There was light Without thought Without sight Braced myself and I watched you cry Felt the outside rushing by Where was the ending, when did we die? Watching, waiting as we fly. --End of-- --Nothing-- Beginnings, endings all in line Something exists outside of our feeble minds And so we were mistaken Imprisoned in our time Tied up in the boundaries Of our symbols and signs Of Science of religion Chained to these confines.
The fight is really over this time They had to win the war And showed us the depths of their cold indifference Walls within walls Impenetrable distances Relinquishing the hopes of many years So much foolish hope So much regret So much pain Everything in black and white in their eyes Everything in black and white is disguised The colours and greys moving in and out of shadows in my world within Walls within And one day I understood Some things can't be saved Nothing will remain Where nothing has been changed Open your eyes Even decay, even the broken things Everything looks good in their black and white You can't see the blood or the filth or polluted skies You can't see the world like that this time Outside the walls it's another crime inside the heart it's another crime There on the screen it's another crime They've tainted our world They've broken mine. Everything in black and white is disguised Nothing left in black and white in my eyes
Hands are held Within your hands Every breath a gift Laughter rings within your walls A room they fill may silent fall My Sorrow is yours Photographs adorn the walls Where autumn sun Long shadows cast Memories of treasured times Burning hearts lock tears inside Hands were held Within these hands Every breath a gift Laughter rang within these walls A room they filled now Silent falls
Flightless bird How will you flee This winter's grip This frigid sea? Lay down to sleep Your Mother's nest And be at peace In eternal rest Return to dust Return to dust Return to dust


Recorded at 13 Sound Studios with Charlie Lintern and Priory Studios with Greg Chandler. Released on Minotauro Records.


"More to the point, it makes gothic metal cool as f*** again! If any heavy release so far this year has earned the descriptor of ‘epic’, it is There Was A death." Slow Dragon Music

"...leaving you wondering if the sun will ever come out again" KKKK (4/5) Nick Ruskell / Kerrang! Magazine 24/02/18

"Running the metal gamut from squealing-lead headbangers like 'Killing Flaw' to droning miasmas of twin harmony dejection like 'Ghosts of Parlous Lives' (7/10) Chris Chantler / Metal Hammer issue 307

"After listening to it four times before putting pen to paper, it was finally time to say, this album is a masterwork that everyone needs to hear..." Nik Cameron / Glacially Musical

"Terrific mid-paced riffage with an addictive groove at its core..." (85/100) Paul Castles / Antichrist Magazine

"this is miserable stuff in all the right ways" (8/10) Pete Woods / Ave Noctum

"This simply is a very strong doom/death album with beautiful melodies, heavy riffs and cool keyboard parts." Pim B / Lords of Metal webzine

"captivating and powerful" (5/5) Carl Sederholm / Sea of Tranquility webzine

"A tasteful, warm offering and certainly the best of their more aggressive material."Tom Coles / The Monolith webzine

"Within a framework of colossal and furiously oceanic darkness" Wagner / Merchants of Air webzine

"My Silent Wake drops one of their heaviest – and best – albums to date! Don’t call yourself a doom metal fanatic without having There Was Death in your collection!" (4.5/5) Reverend Leviathan / Darkest Goth Webzine

"..My Silent Wake is a raging beast with a sound and identity of its own." (5/6) Jens Nepper / Eternal Terror webzine

"If you like good doom, this is for you." (82/100) Mitchell Scheerder / Ragherrie webzine

"There is a large, ethereal, elusive component that runs for the duration of the album." (8/10) Giorgio Fichera / Metaleyes webzine

"This may be My Silent Wake’s tenth album, but the band show no sign of running out of steam. There Was Death is an accomplished and satisfying listen." Wonderbox Metal webzine

"...somber and dreamy ambience" (8.9/10) Miguel B. Ribeiro / Hintf webzine

"The word that best defines it is undoubtedly "epic". (7/10) Jesus Muñoz Caballero ? Necromance webzine

"The new album absorbed me completely, it calmed down my mind and directed me to another world" Asphyx / Deadly Storm blog

" With albums like "There Was Death" the world should be won over..." Metal Mark blogspot.

"...the atmosphere of introspective sadness followed by riff-heavy ferocity" (82/100) Andy / MetalReviews webzine

"..high-quality material.." Marco Gräff / Hellfire Magazine

"A Dying Man's Wish.' This is a morose mass of sludge.." (3.5/5) Steve Mecca / Chain DLK

"hypnotic, pitch black, sad and negative" (7/10) Emilio Cortese / Metalitalia webzine

"The genuine emotion and meticulous detail put into each composition is evident, and the varied, rich instrumentation lends the album a solid backbone and great atmosphere." (3/5) Angry Metal Guy

"This is heavy. This is doomy. This has a death feel. This is atmospheric. It is so much at once that all I can do is sit back and thoroughly enjoy this album. Truly fabulous." (4.5/5) Anders Ekdahl / Battle Helm

""An End To Suffering" opens squarely on notes of yáng qín and keyboards reminiscent of the debut of DEAD CAN DANCE, before evolving just as beautifully towards a kind of intense and electric mystic procession: the rendering proves to be absolutely stunning and striking!" (17/20) Alain Lavanne / Kaosguards.

"...I hope that MY SILENT WAKE can become a great name among Metal fans worldwide." Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia / Metal Temple


released February 24, 2018


all rights reserved



My Silent Wake Weston Super Mare, UK

MSW were formed in 2005 morphing from Ashen Mortality to MSW. Founder Ian Arkley (Seventh Angel etc) has been a constant member. MSW have released 11 albums, 2 split albums & various compilations, including An Unbroken Threnody. In 2010 they toured with Norway's In Vain. As well as metal recording based loosely around gothic death/doom, MSW have also recorded ambient and acoustic. New album 2020 ... more

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